Your corporate data is one of your most valuable assets. Protecting your business data entails guarding against security breaches, internal sabotage and external threats.

SimplySoft Security Services provide you with the processes and tools you need to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your databases while increasing the accountability of those users who do have access. Our strategy to protect your company’s database environments employs three check points:

  • Sensitive Customer Data Encryption: Our process allows you to detect and encrypt at-risk information, following best practices for each DBMS to ensure your sensitive data remains secure from external and internal threats.
  • Secure Database Processes: We work with you to develop and document procedures for reviewing current and historical database structure changes along with their associated authorizations, to meet regulatory requirements. Vendors must constantly publish new patches to respond to hackers’ attacks. We regularly analyze your situation and determine which patches are mandatory to maintain the security of your database installation.
  • Database User ID and Password Management: Database users are often assigned more privileges than they actually require, making security monitoring problematic. We ensure that appropriate password management policies and guidelines are developed, implemented and maintained in accordance with industry standards.
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